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Where do we come from ?

It all started with our pets and the love we share for one another.


Being aware of how they feel about us led us to ask ourselves:


Are only pets capable of feeling for someone, to love, to miss someone, to suffer or experience these kinds of feelings?


The answer to this question was the initial spark of fakc-yeah ...

At fakc-yeah our offer goes hand in hand with the wishes of our clients and team, and the welfare of animals and the environment.

In that sense, our commitment is to offer the best vegan fast food and an unparalleled customer experience.

We want to be the leaders in the Latin American market for vegan fast-casual restaurants in the next 10 years.



The heart of fakc-yeah is with the animals


Our most ambitious dream, and the one that drives us every day to do our best, is to inspire humanity to be better, to be compassionate.

It is with that commitment, to inspire humanity to be better through food, 

that we do business with every day.


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